Window Doctor

When you have problems with your windows and doors, your first stop should be the Window Doctor! Most things can be repaired quickly and you do not have to go to the expense of totally replacing your trouble windows and doors.

It doesn't matter whether you have uPVC, aluminium or wood windows and doors, if you live in southeast Essex, the Window Doctor will have the solution for you at a competitive price and with all sealed units fitted into uPVC and aluminium frames guaranteed for 5 years!

Window repairs are normally made within seven days and sometimes same day repairs can be made. Also an emergency Window Doctor call out service is available 24 hr including Saturdays and Sundays.

The Window Doctor offers a professional service across southeast Essex, including Basildon, Benfleet, Hadleigh, Hockley, Hullbridge, Leigh-on-Sea, Rayleigh, Rochford, Shoeburyness, Southend, Thundersley, Westcliff-on-Sea, Wickford!

Lock Failures

Locks can go wrong for a wide variety of reasons. Age can wear down the mechanism or in some instances an attempted break-in can lead to faults.

Often if a lock fails, it's an ideal opportunity to replace the whole mechanism for a more recent - and more secure - model. People often choose lock upgrades as a result of Police or Insurance company recommendation.

Remember too that we're frequently asked to provide insurance estimates and can do so quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Failed locks are a speciality, especially on uPVC or aluminium windows.

Misting / Misted Windows

Misting is a frequent problem on double-glazed units. Again this problem can be caused by old age of the unit or sometimes by incorrect fitting.

This involves the replacement of the failed Sealed Unit, although in a window repair such as this it's worthwhile hiring the services of a reputable company such as the Window Doctor to ensure further problems don't surface from a poor replacement. All our new and replacement glass has a five year guarantee on parts and labour in the unlikely event of a unit failing

Broken Glass

We work hard to replace the broken glass as quickly and efficiently as possible. We're able to match any obscure glass pattern that is still manufactured by any large company such as Pilkingtons, we can sometimes have sealed units made up when the glass pattern is obsolete so you can be sure that the finished job looks every bit as good as the original.
At all times we recognise that you appreciate this work to be carried out as quickly, efficiently and fuss-free as possible. Our experienced craftsmen are here to help.

Failed Hinges

Once broken or worn out, the only remedy is to replace the failed part.
Sometimes hinges fail because they are old or tired, others fail from lack of maintenance or lubrication. Whatever the cause, we can solve the problem.

A worn hinge can cause a drought but may not be obvious,so why not get us to check over your hinges and see if we can improve your heating bills.

There is a wide variety of hinges available and we are able to use over 20 years of contacts in the industry to source the exact parts required.

Discoloured Door Panels

Some UPVC can discolour or yellow after so many years. However, this door problem can be repaired by the Window Doctor by fitting an updated panel insert into the door frame, giving the discoloured door a great new look.

Conservatory Problems

One of the usual problems with an older conservatory is that the roof starts to leak. There are many things that can cause this e.g. damaged or tired lead flashing, panels slipping down, drainage blocked.

These leaks can usually be found and fixed much cheaper than replacing the whole roof and here at Window Doctor by A K H, we use Ultrasonic leak detecting equipment and over 20 experience to locate the leak and attempt to fix it.

Regardless of the repair that your conservatory needs, we are able to help!

Our Replacement Doors

If you're looking for the latest styles in UPVC and Aluminium, we're able to supply them all.

Perhaps you would feel more comfortable with a traditional style, such as a Victorian or country cottage look? Whatever your choice you can feel comfortable that all our work is guaranteed.

Whatever your vision for your home you'll find that we're able to help make it come true.