When you have problems with your windows and doors, your first stop should be the Window Doctor! Most things can be repaired quickly and you do not have to go to the expense of totally replacing your trouble windows and doors.

It doesn't matter whether you have uPVC, aluminium or wood windows and doors, if you live in southeast Essex, the Window Doctor will have the solution for you at a competitive price and with all sealed units fitted into uPVC and aluminium frames guaranteed for 5 years!

Window repairs are normally made within seven days and sometimes same day repairs can be made. Also an emergency Window Doctor call out service is available 24 hr including Saturdays and Sundays.

The Window Doctor offers a professional service across southeast Essex, including Basildon, Benfleet, Hadleigh, Hockley, Hullbridge, Leigh-on-Sea, Rayleigh, Rochford, Shoeburyness, Southend, Thundersley, Westcliff-on-Sea, Wickford!

Misted Units

Condensation occurs between the glass unit when the seal between the double glazing fails, as a result, moisture is able to get between the glass and condense leaving the unit misted and stained. The Window Doctor can remove the existing glass unit and replace with new, the process is quick, easy and affordable.

Our comprehensive double glazing repairs also include emergency boarding up services. This temporary solution will make your property safe whilst a new unit is being made. Where the double glazing is shattered on both sides, we will offer a non-destructive board up to make your property safe whilst you wait for your double glazing unit to be manufactured.

Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, we can find it, make it and fit it, wherever you are in Essex. As well as carrying out the necessary double glazing repairs, we can also install hinges, locks and handles on your household windows. If you require obsolete stock or a custom-made feature, our contractors will do their best to help. We are also equipped to handle double glazing repairs utilising toughened, tinted glass, specialist solar film and low-e materials, just tell us what you need.

Misting / Misted Windows

Misting is a frequent problem on double-glazed units. Again this problem can be caused by old age of the unit or sometimes by incorrect fitting.

This involves the replacement of the failed Sealed Unit, although in a window repair such as this it's worthwhile hiring the services of a reputable company such as the Window Doctor to ensure further problems don't surface from a poor replacement. All our new and replacement glass has a five year guarantee on parts and labour in the unlikely event of a unit failing.

Replacement Handles

Replacement Handles

Whether your door handle is loose, stiff, broken or experiencing a fault in any way. The Window Doctor can provide a solution for you. Adjustments, repairs and replacement door handles can often be completed on the same day you get in touch.

Replacement Hinges

Doors and windows often become stiff, or difficult to operate after time and often can be caused by the components hinges. The replacement, adjustment or repair of hinges is a fast and reliable option to ensure that your windows and doors are fully functioning for years to come.

Failed Hinges

Once broken or worn out, the only remedy is to replace the failed part.
Sometimes hinges fail because they are old or tired, others fail from lack of maintenance or lubrication. Whatever the cause, we can solve the problem.

A worn hinge can cause a drought but may not be obvious,so why not get us to check over your hinges and see if we can improve your heating bills.

There is a wide variety of hinges available and we are able to use over 30 years of contacts in the industry to source the exact parts required.

Leaks, Squeaks and Creaks

Broken Handles

If your sliding door is stiff or difficult to open, then the rollers may be causing the problem. Often the rollers become blocked with dirt and wear out, making it difficult to open the door. If you have an older sliding glass door your rollers may have become rusty because sliding door units did not always use stainless steel rollers.

Window Doctor can replace or repair most types of locking mechanisms, handles and hinges to windows of all ages and styles.

Failed mechanisms and hinges can cause your windows to become draughty and hard to lock. If your window is jammed shut we can normally gain access with little or no damage whatsoever and replace the failed parts, leaving your window as good as new. This applies not only to standard casement windows but also to tilt & turn windows.

In addition to this we can replace most types of window gasket, this is the rubber seal that fits between the opening part of the window and the frame.

Get in touch with one of the industry experts at Window Doctor; We will be able to advise you on your double glazing repairs and the best course of action. If necessary, we can dispatch your nearest local glazier for emergency double glazing repairs.

Are you looking for professional cost-effective cat flap fitters?

Window Doctor provides experienced glaziers to fit cat flaps into glass (double and single glazing), UPVC and timber – basically almost any window or door surface.

Most of our customers require cat flap installation into toughened double-glazed doors; however it is not possible to cut into toughened glass without it shattering, or to cut into a double-glazed unit once the manufacturing process is completed, so how is it done, I hear you ask?

How Is It Done?

Firstly, our cat flap fitters cut the required holes into normal float glass, which is followed by cutting the glass to the correct size. From here, the glass is then toughened and strengthened as the glass is fired in an oven.

Once the glass has been toughened and has the pre-cut holes at the correct size, we then use these two pieces of glass to manufacture a double-glazed unit. Hey presto! – the unit is now ready for fitting. The process typically takes around a week for measuring, making and fitting, before the cat flap installation can begin.

With wood or UPVC, we can normally cut the holes immediately on site as long as the surfaces are flat. In the case of a decorative UPVC panel, we would suggest replacing it with a flat panel with the required cut-outs.

Which Cat Flap Is Best For You?

We are more than happy for you to choose your own cat flap which we can fit as required.

What Are Microchip Cat Flaps?

Microchip cat flaps are an excellent way to ensure that only your cat can enter your home. The cat’s microchip acts as an electronic door key as they enter and leave your property. Microchip cat flaps have another chip within them that detects your cat’s as they try to go through. If the microchip cat flap identifies your cat, the flap will unlock and allow your cat in, but if another feline tries, it will deny access.

These innovative cat flaps mean that you will only ever see your cat coming and going from your home. This is especially perfect if you aren’t at home, giving you peace of mind that you won’t have any unexpected visitors.

Why Choose Window Doctor?

There are so many companies to choose from, so how do you know who is reputable? Well, here at Window Doctor we have very experienced fitters with more than 30 years in the trade, this means that you can be rest assured that our cat flap fitters will complete the job to the best possible standard.

Window Doctor was established in 1990 with the directors having 30 years’ experience in the glazing industry. The company has grown with the ethos of delivering a first-class service based on good communication, expertise and clear competitive pricing.

All our glaziers are fully experienced and vetted to the highest standard, which is why we can proudly boast with complete confidence, that when it comes to cat flap installation, we really are the name you can trust.


Broken Handles

Window Doctor will repair your windows or replace your glass units .We provide professional repairs for your current UPVC windows and doors, in domestic properties.

Whether it is a glass repair or a damaged lock, we offer the most cost-effective way of repairing your property's current windows and doors without the need for full new frames.

Our highly skilled technicians have more than 30 years of experience, from manufacturing to fitting, and are qualified to advise you on any repair work needed and as a family run business we guarantee we'll give you an honest opinion and quote.

The most common problem with glass units are misted and cloudy glass, caused by a breakdown in the glass unit seal decomposing or the desiccant no longer working which then allows condensation to form between the two panes of glass.

Replacement glass units are a fraction of the cost of replacement windows and doors, and should the current drainage be below standard, this can also be corrected at no additional cost whilst replacing your units. Alternatively the problem might be due to poor ventilation in the room, and a trickle vent can be fitted to the window.

We can also remove and refit glass units when the needed for things like furniture deliveries and removals.

Alternatively, you may be looking to upgrade you glass to A-rated to lower your energy bills and increase the heat maintained in your property, or perhaps just want a new design within you glass such as bevels, stained or lead work to uplift the look of your home.

We also carry out repair work including door adjustments, replacement hinges, resealing of windows or doors, gaskets and seals, lock or barrel replacement, handle or letterbox replacement, door panels changed or cat or dog flaps fitted.

Whatever you requirements, Window Doctor can provide you with a quick, free no-obligation quote.

Window Doctor can deal with any requirements you have in relation to your uPVC windows or doors. Here is some of the work we regularly do, but should you have any requirements not shown below, then please still contact us, as we have likely done them before, or know how to rectify your problem. Has your door panel been damaged, these can be replaced rather than replacing your door. Maybe you want to change the style of your door panel or have an old discoloured panel which you just want to update.

Door locks can be changed, or doors adjusted to make your lock work effectively if your door has dropped.

Have you lost your key or your barrel has stopped working then these can be replaced.

Maybe a new handle or letterbox.

We replace window handles, for either a different colour, or if a fault has occurred with your current handle, or it has snapped. Hinges or locking mechanisms can also stop working and these can be replaced easily.

Whatever the problem, we have the most cost-effective solution

Door Lock/ Cylider Snapping

Replacement Hinges

As the title would suggest, this is where the lock cylinder is literally snapped in two by applying force to the cylinder.

Thieves have devised methods of snapping these types of cylinders locks in a matter of seconds and still be able to operate the lock to open the door.

This threat can be considerably reduced simply by upgrading the cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent this method of attack. We recommend that all vulnerable doors using Euro-Profile cylinders be upgraded to incorporate high security cylinders.

Euro cylinders are mainly fitted to uPVC doors but some aluminium and wooden doors also use this type of lock.

How do I know if I have a vulnerable lock?

Anti-snap cylinders, are specifically designed to combat lock-snapping.

A cylinder has been designed that although it will snap, it will snap in a predetermined position leaving intact a portion of the cylinder that will still provide security and still require key operation to open, thus preventing the easy manipulating of the locking system.

Window Doctor can install all types of anti snap locks including Ultion ,Yale and ABS to ensure your doors are secure as possible.

Door Repairs

Door Repairs

You may have been told in the past that your particular lock is obsolete and the door would need to be replaced, before you do this give us a call.

In most cases we can source the lock you require and if not we can fit a suitable replacement that does not compromise the security of your home. We carry an extensive range of multi point locks that are suitable for most doors of any age. And in most cases can gain entry to locked shut doors with little or no damage caused.

We also repair inline sliding patio doors and tilt and slide doors.In addition to this we are able to replace handles, hinges and gaskets, letter plates and restrictors.

Discoloured Door Panels

Some UPVC can discolour or yellow after so many years. However, this door problem can be repaired by the Window Doctor by fitting an updated panel insert into the door frame, giving the discoloured door a great new look.

Our Replacement Doors

If you're looking for the latest styles in UPVC and Aluminium, we're able to supply them all.

Perhaps you would feel more comfortable with a traditional style, such as a Victorian or country cottage look? Whatever your choice you can feel comfortable that all our work is guaranteed.

Whatever your vision for your home you'll find that we're able to help make it come true.

Lock Failures

Locks can go wrong for a wide variety of reasons. Age can wear down the mechanism or in some instances an attempted break-in can lead to faults.

Often if a lock fails, it's an ideal opportunity to replace the whole mechanism for a more recent - and more secure - model. People often choose lock upgrades as a result of Police or Insurance company recommendation.

Remember too that we're frequently asked to provide insurance estimates and can do so quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Failed locks are a speciality, especially on uPVC or aluminium windows.

Broken Glass

We work hard to replace the broken glass as quickly and efficiently as possible. We're able to match any obscure glass pattern that is still manufactured by any large company such as Pilkingtons, we can sometimes have sealed units made up when the glass pattern is obsolete so you can be sure that the finished job looks every bit as good as the original.

At all times we recognise that you appreciate this work to be carried out as quickly, efficiently and fuss-free as possible. Our experienced craftsmen are here to help.

Conservatory Problems

Conservatory Problems

One of the usual problems with an older conservatory is that the roof starts to leak. There are many things that can cause this e.g. damaged or tired lead flashing, panels slipping down, drainage blocked.

These leaks can usually be found and fixed much cheaper than replacing the whole roof and here at Window Doctor by A K H, we use Ultrasonic leak detecting equipment and over 30 years experience to locate the leak and attempt to fix it.

Regardless of the repair that your conservatory needs, windows and doors on them, we are able to help!